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in the newspaper, the i.r.s. situation, the f.b.i. investigation, the "associated press." he hears about it and says so. the other part is the government seems to be getting in our face. >> you elected in president obama somebody who believes in a larger role for government. i mean, that is the opposite of the tea party. chris: why doesn't he want to run the government? >> that's a very good question. because i think this is a president who has disdane for the political side of the job, but he likes the intellectual side of the job. chris: what about the executive side of the job? >> part of that executive side of the job i would argue would not be just having a chairman offensive for the last couple of months, but actually getting to know the person he has to work with for the last years. chris: i agree with everything i have heard so far. david, credibility, the inspector general has investigated the i.r.s. office especially some cincinnati. they say there was no political motivation found out there. does the country believe that? do you believe that? >> well, on that i'm going to with
targeted by the "urs." i'm sorry. what? excuse me, the irs. but what they fail to realize is that this has been happening to us for the past 50 years. let's talk about it. ♪ >> president obama has been clear. he thinks the irs playing politics with nonprofits is nutrageous. but all republicans want to do is spout conspiracy theorize -- excuse me. conspiracy theories. they just don't seem to hold up. joining me is dana milbank of "the washington post." >> hello there, reverend. >> dana, what is this about? >> well, once again, republicans are taking a real problem and attaching unreal political motives to it. >> okay, but i wanna know. what is this about? you're a man but your name is dana. >> well, al. but there's lots of men named dana. >> well, i don't trust it. >> you know what, i'm going to call you dan a. now dan a., obama, he said he's going to get to the bottom of this irs mess, but republicans won't take yes for an answer. you know what? let's take a look at jimmy fallon show and take a look at a clip featuring senator mcconnell. >> friday night we had sushi on the lawn.
at is what is coming on "meet the press." >> controversy is dominating washington this week from the irs to benghazi so what does that mean for the president's second term and we'll hear from the white house. we will have an exclusive conversation with the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell of kentucky. i'll talk exclusively with the man behind the effort of the irs investigation. all of that and our political roundtable coming up on," meets the press." >> more reports of severe weather in the plains states. they caught up with two tornadoes saturday afternoon and you can see both of them formed over open farm fields and kicked up a bunch of dirt but no serious damage has been reported. parts of alabama is trying to get dry after floodwaters washed out roads and forced several water rescues. when the sun came out in play county, some of the roads look 400 milesand close to of farms were washed out. there is a live look at pimlico after preakness. it looks like it is in pretty good shape. they are cleaning up and facing some drizzle. we're watching for a few showers around the
. >> but he was all but drowned hisby circumstances beyond control. from the irs scandal to the justice department's snooping on the associated press to new revelations about the talking points that followed the september terror attack in benghazi, republicans suddenly have a lot to talk about. >> this administration said they want to be open and transparent, but they have not. >> what we are talking about here is an attitude that the government knows best. the nanny state is here to tell us all what to do, and if we start criticizing, you get targeted. >> the president's senior communications adviser hit the five major sunday talk shows to do damage control. >> there is no question that public -- republicans are trying to make political hay here. latest cnn poll shows more than half of americans agree with the way republicans have been grilling the president on the irs and benghazi. then again, virtually the same number approve of the way the president is doing his job. even after the political storms of the past week. that is the good news. the bad news is the white house has a lead t
this aggressive and absurd. on the irs issue -- >> no question republicans are trying to make political hay. >> reporter: a senior advisor speak out. >> when they want to do when lacking a positive agenda is try to drag washington into a swamp of partisan fishing expeditions and trumped up allegations. >> reporter: president obama's agency promising a top-down review. >> there is a culture of intimidation throughout the administration. it is no wonder that the agents and the irs sort of get the message. the president demonizes his opponents. >> reporter: but gop leaders concede there is no evidence the white house ordering the targeting of conservatives. >> we don't have anything to say that the president knew about this. >> the investigation has just begun so i'm not going to reach a conclusion about what we may find. >> reporter: after what may have been among the toughest weeks of the obama presidency, a just-released poll shows the president's approval rating largely unaffected. still the majority of americans view all these issues as very important to the nation, despite white house cl
the scandal, will join our roundtable. >> you mentioned the irs controversy. it has been a difficult week for the obama administration in terms of responding to these controversies. how do you think the president's long-term agenda and big items like health care and immigration reform could be affected? >> part of it is a discipline within the white house use a dennis mcdonough he doesn't want to spend more than 10% of white house time on these matters. they've got to overcome a pretty energized republican opposition. it is now galvanized by some of these issues like benghazi and the irs. the president has thrown the idea of taking on the federal shield law to better protect reporters who are trying to publish government secrets. on capitolall churn hill but how quickly will they get into campaign mode on these issues that preclude action on immigration or the budget with the debt ceiling fight coming up. >> thank you so much. don't forget, you can watch "meet the press" 10:00 a.m. right here on wbal. an elderly couple is recovering after they were hit by a car in baltimore county. it hap
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6